Happy Pride from the Occupride PDX Team (even to you, Wells Fargo)!

Good morning.  It is sunny and 64 degrees already in lovely downtown Portland at 8:55 a.m.!  I suppose the weatherman was wrong about the rain.  Instead, the World Naked Bike Ride folks got some drizzles last night!

Apparently from what I see from Twitter, there was quite a bit of police spectacle (SERT?!) at the so-called “diversity of dance styles” Queers F*ing Queers dance party last night.  There are a few who got arrested and reportedly a music bike was stolen.

Much kudos also go to one (or more) rather vigilant Wells Fargo employee who has been checking in on this site several times every day for the past week, including at 11:57 p.m. on Saturday (overtime pay, I hope!?)!  I understand your worries especially in light of the June 6 incident at your MLK branch.  Like you, I hate to see how “diversity of tactics” became an euphemism for senseless and irresponsible acts of random violence — although it is an inevitable product of the very nature of an overarching, decentralized, non-authoritarian popular movement that, among others, Occupy Wall Street has inspired (the fact: most of the radicals and anarchists have deserted Occupy Portland in recent months).

Although it is tempting to scapegoat Wells Fargo for a lot of things what is wrong about today’s society, the real issue is not Wells Fargo; rather it is a deeper, more systemic issue that Wells Fargo, among others, became an epitome of.  And certainly the employees of Wells Fargo — who are just like workers in any megacorporations endure stressful, long work hours and diminishing workplace rights — are not to be blamed or attacked.  Personally I have come to know quite a few people who have been employed as a bank clerk — none of them is rich.  Neither workers nor the depositors/customers own the bank, the One Percent does.

So happy Pride to everyone — it is OUR Pride!  Let’s all re-Occupy our Pride and make it OURS!


One thought on “Happy Pride from the Occupride PDX Team (even to you, Wells Fargo)!

  1. Will reasor says:

    I don’t fully understand how attacking the corprate sponsers of these events helps anyone. Because number one they make no money off of pride. Most pride celibrations fund the local comunity centers. And with out that money they can’t help our gay youth and others who struggle. The only thing that can be accomplished by occupying a pride is that the sponsers leave and we have no special day nor do we have a fund raiser. I respect your fight against corporate greed. But in this case no one wins they just walk away with their money and we stand broken hearted and empty handed.

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