See you all tomorrow!

Greetings beautiful people,

As we have planned, we will be having an alternative Pride parade-watching picnic near the end of the main Pride parade route at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park (between SW Ash Street and Pine Street in the open field).

There will be livestream — tune into the Occupy City Hall Vigil TV.

And thanks to Mary at RumorZ, one of the few remaining Portland crew (most of the RumorZ is now in the forest at the Occupy Cascadia Rainbow convergence!), there will be some supply of free coffee.

This Occupride mini-park-upation has two purposes both of which complement each other: (1) to strengthen the LGBTQAIP+ voices within the Occupy movement in Portland and build a stronger queer bloc; and (2) to engage parade-goers into a meaningful dialogue and ultimately connect them closer to the Occupy movement.

To all who are marching in the main Pride parade, those who are participating in the autonomous actions (such as “Crash the Pride bike swarm” and “Rainbow Ecstatic Dance Walk”) — you are all welcome to join us at the end.  We will be around till about 2 p.m. (or even longer if it gets more interesting!).

And remember: Saturday, June 23, the Occupy the Pride Portland Community Assembly.

Whose Pride? Our Pride!



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