An evolution of Occupride PDX

Some may noticed the change in the “Basic Information” section on this site, and this requires a bit of clarification.  Based on the input and feedback received from the Occupy Portland community, as well as in light of parallel autonomous (non-Occupy) actions taking place during this weekend, we have felt that much of the real objectives of the Occupy The Pride would be far better accomplished if the main Occupy The Pride event were to take place at a different time and space from the Pride NW events.

Therefore we are shooting for a bigger and more constructive (and friendlier) Occupy The Pride event on Saturday following the Pride weekend, either at the Che Room if available, or at a nearby park (ideas: Colonel Summers, Ladd’s Circle, Oregon Park, etc. — most likely in the inner Eastside) depending on weather and any other events that may be happening.

The purpose of this new and improved Occupy The Pride is to galvanize the queer Occupiers within the movement, as well as to connect the local queer communities (especially underrepresented and marginalized parts of the queer communities) to the umbrella of the Occupy movement and allied groups.

We will still set up a “Get Money OUT of Pride mini-parkupation” on Sunday, June 17, at the Waterfront Park to engage in conversations with other parade-watchers as well as to provide a money-free alternative to the festival. 

As you may see, this is potentially evolving from a single action to something that is bigger and continuing.


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