Latest Occupride PDX organizing notes

This note includes the rough outlines of this weekend’s Occupride events as well as some information about other autonomous actions (for informational purposes only; does not imply our endorsement).

For those who does not have access to

Based on feedback and input received thus far, here are the rough schedule of this weekend:

Saturday, June 16 — Maybe some women from the Sisters In Strength might show solidarity with the Dyke March?  The march starts at 6:30 p.m. Waterfront Park and moves to the North Park Blocks (opposite of the usual).  A possible idea to have a “red ____” picnic or something at the end.  This would be up to the SIS.

The Pacific Northwest Anarchist General Assembly is planning on a late-night all-ages dance party in Central Eastside.  This is independent of Occupride.  They say “Occupiers are welcome.”

Sunday, June 17 –

11:30 a.m.? The PNW Anarchist General Assembly is planning on a “bike swarm”-like (NO stated connection to the PDX Bike Swarm) autonomous action at the start of the main Pride parade.  No further information is available but I have heard from a few unverified sources their intent to disrupt the parade (in what manner, I do not know).  This is independently of Occupride but it seems that some from the RACC and SASA may joining.

10 a.m.-2 p.m. The Occupride PDX will maintain a small park-u-pation with a single message: “Money OUT of Pride”, at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park.  This also will serve as a passive information/outreach operation to engage the queer community into the Occupy movement, and to let people know about a future Occupride event.  RumorZ will bring coffee.

Projected date Saturday, June 23, location TBA soon

Occupride Queers Occupy picnic — this is branched off as a stand-alone event.  Details to come, but this will be for movement building as well as socializing.


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