Free all-ages dance party on Saturday the 16th

This photograph appeared in the front page of ...

This photograph appeared in the front page of The New York Daily News on Sunday, June 29, 1969, showing the “street kids” who were the first to fight with the police. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is not organized by the Occupride working group, but the idea is similar.

Saturday, June 16, 2012, 11:30 p.m.

SE 8th Avenue at Main Street in Central Eastside (Buckman) area

We think that having to pay to dance and celebrate – or not being able to attend our “community’s” big events because they’re 21 and up – is BORING.

We don’t need a permit from the police – the same people who kick us out of our houses, lock us up in jail, and beat us on the street – to have a good time!

Hate crimes legislation, gay marriage, and queers in the military are tools of capitalism, racism, patriarchy, and the prison industrial complex. F&CK ‘EM. Queer insurrection now!

((This is not an Occupy event. People affiliated with Occupy are welcome to attend as long as you don’t try to limit how anyone else resists the people and institutions that oppress us. Stonewall was a riot, not a tradeshow.))

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