Occupy The Pride – In a nutshell

You are the 99 percent.

The queer folks, for the most part, are also part of the 99 percent.  They face the same challenges under the same political and economic systems of the one percent.  Many of them also face additional hardship due to hate, discrimination and exploitation specifically because of their sexuality. The only way “out” of this today, seems that the queer people to assimilate — and become good consumers for the one percent.

Whatever happened to the origins of the gay liberation movement — as well as feminist movement and racial justice movement (remember: not all queer folks are white males)?

The Occupy movement has inspired the whole world to “occupy” — that is, to reclaim our spaces, our rights, our voices, and our powers to create our own communities, stand in solidarity with one another, and to demonstrate a new way to be a human community.

This year, Occupy The Pride.

Celebrate the Pride with your fellow Occupiers — or if you have always heard of the Occupy movement but never been connected, meet an Occupier or two or more!  While at it, engage in discussions and share your passions — network and organize for a truly free and just community for everyone.

English: Rainbow flag flapping in the wind wit...

English: Rainbow flag flapping in the wind with blue skies and the sun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we Occupy The Pride we also occupy our own wonderful, fabulous, beautiful, sexy, strong selves.  We are all for diversity in all its manifold manifestations!


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